15-16 February 2019, Olympia London


With 35 years studying and working with the healing arts as a Health and Beauty Therapist, Francess identifies emotional links between mind, body and spirit. Francess explores boundaries of love and fear emotionally, physiologically and psychologically in search of health, happiness and healing. After the Kinesiology technique of muscle testing was challenged as a form of divination by some Christians, Francess studied scripture to find out why this may be and for the healing message of Jesus Christ who was and is undeniably the greatest healer of all time. She conveys her findings and understandings in her books with words of appreciation for the creator of our human body and miracle of life. From Genesis to Revelation and the stars to the star fish her work addresses all in between to inspire peace, love and joy for kindness and compassionate love for a ‘healing for all nations’ for peace and Heaven on Earth. When seriously unwell a vision of  light appeared to Francess which inspired her to photograph light and publish her work which always gives glory to God, the grand creator of Love made whole in us: “Love is not a cortisol” and universal to us all.

Her books explore unity through faith as the ultimate positive psychology and all people of all nations are capable of mindfulness for consciousness of others, themselves and the greater good whom many call God. Francess asks the question “If God is Love, is Love God?” and explores “what is Love?” God is also described as Light so she seeks to understand the Light of Love and conveys these concepts in her poetry.

Her books: ‘Parousia: Book of Life’, ‘Parousia: Love’s Light’, ‘Healing Poems for Positive Love’, ‘Lost Loves; poems for a Grieving Heart’ are available on Her audio CD; Ultimate Healing Poems and Photogrophy book of ‘Love’s Light Exhibition’ with poems and canvas prints are available from Francess.  An internationally published poet, Francess has individual poems in Indifering Muse, India, Saravasti Magazine, London Poetry Grip, I am not a Silent Poet, Domestic Cherry, RARA, RVLF, Roath Writers, The Gloucester Poetry Society and Parlour Press Anthologies. Turquoise Love (now expanded into Parousia: Love’s Light), Blending Oil and Water and Hiraeth Kynnersley collections were long listed with Cinnamon Press. Francess has read her poems at professional conferences, festivals including Kaya and Megaverse at The Hub in Cardiff, on P & O cruise ships Oceana and Ventura, BBC Wales and local radio stations, and given poems to many causes such as Peace, Womens Aid, Love a Muslim Day. Francess is available for talks and workshops.

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