15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Kim Searle

Kim Searle has plenty of experience working through life crisis, because she has done so three times! She entered her forties under the strain of great stress, a divorced mother of two, with a very demanding job that left her little time for the fun things in life. Depression over her circumstances left her exhausted, but little did she realize that despite some brief therapy during the marriage breakup, she still had not gotten to the root cause of what was really wrong in her life. It was only when she determined who she was, where she was, and how she got there that she was able to start taking proactive, practical steps to making the changes that would empower her to live a happy life again.
Kim undertook training to be a counselor, but upon her realization that it was not the field for her, she sought other avenues. After successfully studying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), cognitive hypnotherapy, and becoming a spiritual practitioner, she began seeing clients who were also experiencing similar issues to hers, such as anxiety, depression and general life dissatisfaction. For over fifteen years, her clients have enjoyed success in turning these issues around and finding a more positive outlook on life and the future.
Kim’s book, Midlife is NOT a Crisis , is the culmination of the lessons she learned during her many traumas and challenges in life. She provides practical guidance and exercises that will help you transform your life from the inside out, something she wishes she had known sooner. Kim is gifted in facilitating others on their own unique journeys, offering insightful questions, tools, and techniques. Through her work that helps others find the answers to the compelling questions of life, you can learn what is most important to you.
Kim readily encourages others to reach deep within to discover their own inner wisdom, for this is how destiny can truly be changed and happiness can truly be found. Kim’s own unique, heart-centered style, blended with the many disciplines she has learnt, enables her to share an approach that will help others to create more rewarding, successful, and empowering lives faster. She now works as an author and speaker, holding seminars based on ROAR!, as well as offering one-on-ne coaching sessions and therapeutic interventions. Just as she managed to rebuild her life by discovering who she really is and what she willing wants, she inspires those who feel their lives are not going the way they hoped or planned for. She wholeheartedly believes happiness is a possibility for all those who are ready and willing to make the necessary changes.