Ruth works with young people, parents, schools and the community to unleash their potential, helps them to create a vision for their lives and to motivate them to be positive.

Ruth Carter

Ruth creates NLP Wellbeing programmes for children, young people, teachers and parents in schools and also provides NLP to young people out of schools, considered NEETs in collaboration with BBC Children In Need Project.

My journey started whilst undertaking my BA Honours degree in Child & Adolescent studies. I gained experience in Sexual Health, Social Care and developed a passion for Social Research.

Ruth was introduced to NLP at the most challenging time of her life when she became visually impaired. Ruth used NLP for her own personal development and now uses it to enhance Personal Development for young people who are in and out of education through NLP Wellbeing Programmes that she has developed Health2Mind, Like It, Live It! And will be launching the new Liberate Me Programmes.

Ruth spends her time not only changing families but is called to revolutionise the education sector so that students, teachers and parents thrive.

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