15-16 February 2019, Olympia London
Master Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer

Tammy Adams

Tammy Adams has been a Master Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer for over 30 years. She has been blessed with Divine communication throughout all of her lifetimes. During this lifetime, she has had the blessed opportunity to learn from notable spiritual thought leaders of our time. Most notably Pope John Paul II, the Visionaries of Medjugorje, a Hopi Shaman, Tibetan Monks, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta to name a few. Tammy is also an author, radio show host and public speaker. In addition, she is an article contributor for Spirituality & Health Magazine and has also written a handbook on chakras titled, “Secrets to your Chakras.” She hosts a weekly radio show, “Karma Talk,” on and most recently was asked to be a participant of the “Yoga for the UN: Culture of Peace,” in Santa Monica, CA. For the year 2018, Tammy will be touring across the country performing speaker presentations about, “Benefits of Meditation,” and “Finding Your Life Purpose.” Tammy Adams currently resides in Sacramento, CA.

For those who are seeking their spiritual path, she will provide you with answers of truth and carefully guided mentorship. Tammy Adams was gifted with the ability to communicate with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides from birth. She has been practicing with her intuitive gifts not just in this lifetime but for many of her previous lifetimes. You will encounter someone who has worked her entire life to hone her abilities and help others. She has traveled the world over tutoring under spiritual leaders to ever expand her natural gift. No one has worked harder and put more time into strengthening and realizing their gifts. Her extensive training and extreme efforts have enabled her to be unmatched by any other. With her esoteric knowledge and powerful gifts of transforming and rejuvenating each person’s soul and energy force, she continues to make life changing movement within each person.
intuitive life coach & Spiritual Healer

Tammy is known best as a no-nonsense teacher and refuses to give answers in the raw without expressing how her clients need to use them or what options they may have. She is the best-kept secret of the elite. Her clients include A-list celebrities, government officials, judges, politicians, and billionaire CEOs. Tammy holds within her the secrets to success in not only the financial sector but also in home, love, spiritual awakening and life purpose discovery. Her mission is to help her clients balance their energy points and levels within their bodies, heal karma, unite with their soulmates and fulfill their life’s purpose.

What you can look forward to learning from Master Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Healer:
The importance of finding out your life’s purpose is significant to so many people. Even unknowingly, it is the Number 1 desire of us all. Coming out from under the rocks where we most often hide is so important to start the healing process of what we have ignored for most of our lives. In this class, you will learn why it is so important to stop neglecting yourself and settle with being unhappy. You will learn how to break out of the shell and spread your wings to fly. Bring your soul searching to an end and start walking your true path and achieve your life’s purpose.
During this class, we will go through what you need to achieve your life’s purpose.
IDENTIFY- Need to identify what’s holding you back and become honest with your true desires.
DISCOVERY- Find out what your life purpose is.
STRENGTHEN- Building up the strength to take action.
ACCEPTANCE- Being completely confident and comfortable with the new you.