15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Victoria Sheridan

Rejuvenation Coach, public speaker, corporate trainer, writer and media guest.

Victoria’s wants you to leave her, empowered, with ‘Un-Stress Me’ practices that you can use immediately for quick relief. She also encourages you to dive deeper into the Secret Calm™ to experience her ‘Be Happier’ techniques that you may have to practice for a little longer to achieve full benefit.
Victoria is devoted to encouraging you to have positive ageing and rejuvenating lifestyles. Having coached and mentored thousands of people for over 30 years, to be resilient to stress and anxiety, she loves helping you to maintain optimum nutrition and deep relaxation for a long and healthy, happy and successful life.

Having experienced, what others said was a happy and loving childhood, her mother had a then, undiagnosed personality disorder. Victoria’s goal was to teach but the stress and strain of her mother’s erratic symptoms were treated with addictive medications and her mother’s repeated institutionalisation, dramatically affected the family and so Victoria did not fulfill her dream.

This unconsciously, predisposed Victoria to expect complications in her home-life and she encountered many tragedies in the years that followed, both with her mother and in her romantic relationships, where she experienced violence, deceptions, betrayal, abandonment, poverty and homelessness, bereavement and grief.

By the time she was 25 years old, Victoria was a struggling single parent. She juggled jobs and started businesses but never knew financial security until after studying for several years she finally gained her teaching qualifications and became a teacher when she was 41 years old.

A reclusive and shy child, as she went through her teens, Victoria taught herself basic yoga from a book, in the sanctuary of her bedroom. She experienced an unprecedented deep peace and elated joy and from then on, she passionately studied religion, culture, philosophy, psychology and science in order, to understand why she had this experience.

The knowledge and understanding she gained empowered Victoria to maintain resilience to stress during so many anxious times and has been sharing her wisdom and practical skills with others, ever since.
Previously, a host her own life coaching radio show ‘It’s Your Life’ which included celebrity interviews, Victoria is available now, for radio, TV, talks, lectures, seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences and summits.

Throughout her coaching career, Victoria has been included in a TV documentary and a women’s health magazine and she has been a guest writer for several publications.
She is currently, host to a very successful women’s business networking group and several online business groups, positive ageing groups, and relaxation groups.

Her signature talk, outlined below, can also be paired with a practical workshop and can be customised to suit the focus and needs of any audience and can be adapted for most media requirements.

3 Ways to Overcome the Stress of Being Older
Practical empowerment for a stress free, more youthful and happier life!

In this empowering talk, Victoria shares the most outstanding science of how to stay younger longer, how to dramatically relieve stress in your body and your mind and how to avoid the mental and physical decline that is, traditionally and wrongly, associated with ageing.

Victoria also, shares the subtle Secret Calm™ techniques that no one can see you using, so that you can manage stressful situations and maintain resilience and a calm approach to life.

Ultimately, Victoria helps you to love yourself and love your life!

She helps you:
* to see your personal vision; your secret inner dream of what you want your life to be like
* to see what your energised health and fruitful longevity is going to be like and how to achieve it
* to see what your relaxed wellbeing and magnetic attractiveness is going to be like and how to achieve that
* to see what your powerful purpose and joyful fulfilment is going to be and how to achieve that too.

She helps you to be relaxed, replenished and rejuvenated; to enjoy a successful and happy life!

What others say about working with Victoria and the Secret Calm™

“I just wanted to say thank you Victoria, for our enlightening session today. As you know I have been having some challenging times in the last 12 months which have been affecting my sleep pattern and life sometimes feels over whelming.
I had never considered an on-line consultation, as I thought it would not be effective but actually is was great and it fitted in with my day.
Some simple techniques you taught me will certainly made a different and they are so easy to do. I look forward to using the sleep exercise tonight but the great thing is they gave instant results.
Thank you for making it fun and for explaining it is terms that I could make sense of!”
Cath Mills Business Owner

“Victoria came to speak to our Professional Women in Business network on 29 Sept 2016. She gave us an insight on the “Secret Calm” and the feedback we received on the event was that attendees enjoyed and valued her presentation. I have found Victoria be supportive and by understanding your own “Secret Calm” she encourages you to be a success and manage your stress.”
Joanne Howe Charity Events Regional Manager

“Victoria is a lovely Lady with a lot to offer. She recently ran some very successful managing stress workshops at our Trust conference which were really useful for our staff and I would not hesitate in recommending her work- thank you Victoria!”
Louisa Felstead Academy Trust Education Events Manager

“Victoria carried out some stress workshops with my student groups. She was very caring and supportive of the learners. I use the strategies from those workshops in my teaching today. Thank you, Victoria.”
Teresa Spiers Head of Department College Lecturer

“In the weeks leading up to my first session with Victoria, anxiety was starting to take over my life and at times I felt I could not go with the level of stress that I was experiencing. From that first group the time I have spent with Victoria has not only given me simple techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, but has given me a safe space to explore why I feel this way and how to move onwards and upwards.
Victoria has helped me bring calm back into my life, and has given me the support and encouragement to cope with some tough but worthwhile major life changes.”
Sarah Corbett Prison Officer

“I enjoyed the opportunity to talk in a non judgmental situation. I found the breathing techniques useful but found making changes hard. I think any technique that helps someone relax has to be good and you (Victoria) have lots of strategies to achieve that.”
John Peters Property Developer

“As with many business owners, time for relaxation usually has to take a back seat. The time I spent with Victoria learning about relaxation was really worthwhile: I was left feeling energised, de-stressed and focused.”
Gill Lambert Accountant

“Whether you’re looking for a complete de-stress or want to meditate to enhance everyday living…. or anything in between! The benefits are life changing and I would definitely recommend Victoria to make that difference.”
Hilary Ellis Artist

Victoria Sheridan
Rejuvenation Coach, public speaker, corporate trainer, writer and media guest.
01474 338870

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