15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

16th February 11:30

5 Absolute Essentials To Move Your Young Business Forward

Passion to Profit

Did you know that 90% of all business fail in the first year?
Given that there are so many business courses out there, you would think that it would be a much higher success rate. Sadly, the success rate remains low, because most business courses leave out critical elements which you need to be aware of to make your business succeed.
On Saturday 17th February at 11.30am, I will be giving a talk on the 5 Absolute Essentials You Need to Move Your Young Business Forward. This talk will take place in the passions to profit zone.
This talk is specifically aimed at coaching, healing/intuitive, or therapy based businesses who are either starting up, or who have been trading for up to 3 years, but are really struggling grow and get that income coming in. This 20 minute talk will shed light on the path to successfully move your transformational business forward.

The talk will look at the following areas –
• What they ‘forgot’ to tell you when you completed your certification
• The 5 most important things every new business owner needs to know
• How you can successfully move your business forward

My talk is designed to help you understand those absolute essentials that will give your business a solid foundation. And you need a solid foundation, because without it, your business will not grow or be sustainable.
So join me on Saturday 17th at 11.30 am in the passions to profits zone where I will tell you how to get your business off the ground!

Your Host
Michele is an international speaker, educator, author and founder of the company Living The True Self. She works with you to create your personal success strategies for business and life, first guiding you back to your true self, then propelling you forward so that you experience and interact with the world in a truly powerful way. This means that not only is your journey accelerated, but you also gain the knowledge and skills to deal with any future issues that arise. She works holistically, practically and systematically which ensures effective results.
A qualified accountant with over 30 years of experience of working with small businesses, she has created programmes to help young business not just get off the ground, but to streamline their operations so that they can continuously grow and develop. Combining these business skills with her NLP, coaching and leadership skills qualifications, her business programmes are truly unique, practical and powerful, ensuring your young business not just survive, but really thrive and is healthy and sustainable.
She has been featured on Voice America, Croydon Radio and Dream Corner and has shared stages with Laura Tennison and Dame DC Cordova. She is the co – author of the book ‘Finding Your Truth – How to discover the real you and what you were born to do’.