16th February 12:00

Learn How To Achieve £1,000 – £8,000+ Cash Flow Per Month With This Simple Investing Technique You Can Learn in 30 Minutes

The Main Stage

You are invited to attend a very unique workshop that has received rave reviews from around the world. This workshop will reveal to the general public “key information that is not available elsewhere else and has been held back from the average investor. See crystal clear evidence of how you can use a simple technique to collect a steady stream of additional income each month between £1,000 – £8,000 that could help you supplement your current earnings. No previous experience is required. This is suitable for beginners and experienced investors.

Sandy Jadeja has just completed a World Tour alongside Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad where they both demonstrated why Financial Education will be critical for the coming years. The property market and financial markets are likely to be at a key turning point in time where we could be facing another serious downturn heading into 2018. If we see the property market and the economy slow down, then job security could be at risk once again along with a tightening on bank lending which is why investors need to be aware of upcoming opportunities.

This class is guaranteed to be unlike any investment seminar you’ve ever attended – and probably far more valuable in terms of usable and profitable information you can use immediately as well as show you how to increase your monthly potential earnings starting immediately.