15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

15th February 12:30

Three Steps to Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs and Become Your Best You

Empowering Women

How good are you at neglecting your physical strength, your inner peace and your mental fortitude? And how about putting everyone’s agenda before your own? If you don’t have these components of your life under control, if you don’t know how to prioritize your own needs, eventually you WILL crash. I did.

Award-winning mentor, coach and speaker Annica Törneryd loves everything related to our self-image and how we allow ourselves to play small and stay stuck by listening to our limiting beliefs. At the age of 38 she’d had enough of feeling ugly, not lovable and not academic enough. Thanks to a massive burnout and ultimately wanting to LIVE her life, she had no other choice but to transform her self-image and her life along with it.

In 2014, Annica was an unfulfilled, frustrated and sad employee at the European Parliament, a tired single mum of three kids (born in one year) and both physically and mentally completely drained. After her collapse, she literally had to reprogram the majority of her self-image and build things from the ground again. With the new foundation she started her own business and decided to live her life by design, dance to the beat of her own drum, you know all that!

Living in a foreign country with no family or financial support, it was a VERY scary jump. It required both passion and courage. The trickiest part was to believe she could do it, with full conviction, despite friends and family telling her to be a sensible mother and go back to her job, and despite the self-image she had lived by her whole life up until then, The sweet part is when consistent work, faith and a heart to serve others leads to a tripled income in one month compared to the Parliament salary.

Annica spends every day doing what she loves the most; helping clients find their best version of themselves, re-construct their self-image, strengthen their mindset and improve leadership skills through coaching, speaking and training. She loves her freedom and more than anything, she values the quality time with her children and feeling like a great mum, most of the time.

Life is for living! Annica talks about how to embrace and empower yourself by applying three keys to create a positive shift in your self-image. Are you ready to start feeling that you’re more than just “almost enough”?

During this workshop, you will discover the three key factors that will not only invite you to start enjoying and LIVING your life, but also enable you to:

  • build deeper and more fulfilling relationships,
  • help you to be more present as a mother, and keeping your own identity from pre-mom-life,
  • learn to love your uniqueness and ignite your inner drive that you KNOW is there but feels like it’s hiding.

One of the biggest shifts Annica has experienced in her life since taking full control of her self-image, mindset and actions is that self-love TRULY is a life-changer. Everyone deserves to love themselves and live the life they truly desire. Annica wants to help you experience that transformation!
Assume position, she’s about to kick you in the a$$ets!!