15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

16th February 13:00

You’re a Work of Art: Know Your Worth and Connect to Your Inner Masterpiece.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Your inner compass is your unique navigation system within you. With the settings in place, understanding the rules of life, one can activate the awareness and powers of that inner compass and therefore open the gates to an abundant and fulfilled life!

This inner compass gives you absolute certainty of inspired action in everything you do and experience, and connects you to the source of all existence, beneath the collective memory and data enabling you to experience your highest self. Certainty is complete trust! Inspired action is a result of being connected and aligned to the zero state of life.

Everything you see in your life is a reflection of something inside of you. Knowing how to use your powers to clean yourself from  this memory/ego consciousness through listening to your true self is liberating everyone of that memory data.

Living without ones own unique navigation system, life appears to be in chaos, as the triggers of the ego and collective memory muddles up messages and impulses of your intuition and therefore keeps you stuck where you are.
That’s where the stories happen. What you want is to dive underneath the tip of the iceberg of the story telling reality.

Without knowing that there is such a way to live life that insures you to be constantly aligned with fulfillment, growth and sustenance, and how to access it one will navigate through life aimlessly and most probably end up getting stuck somewhere feeling defeated and worthless and attracting more things one doesn’t want to happen.

Understanding the rules of life, enables you to see the order within all the perceived chaos whee  things will start to make sense.
Due to the way that us humans are built, with a soul – consciousness, and an ego self – a subconscious and conscious mind, we can get sidetracked. Until you outsmart yourself, you don’t know your own truth, your true potential and the immense power you have over your life.

One of the most powerful resources to not be the victim of your life and living in chaos, is to hold your inner compass in your hands, gifting you with certainty of direction, understanding your ego, outsmarting it and therefore activating your free will to make decisions in your life, instead of your autopilot memory based system.

How to do that and to life life purposefully, through understanding yourself so well is what I want to show you at the talk on February 16th at 1 pm!

Knowing these tools will give you clarity on your unique life’s path and set you off to a path living your unique gifts, your true worth to this universe and how to live your life in creativity, abundance and long-term fulfillment, causing a ripple effect of positive change in the world!