16TH – 18TH OCTOBER 2020


Barbie B. Layton

Intuitive Barbie – Intuitive life coaching, entrepreneur, and public motivator!

Products/Services: Wellness products, spiritual tools, referrals for success programs


Website: https://barbie.mycoseva.com/

Products/Services: Advanced TRS – pineal gland decalcifier/ gentle heavy metal detox

Link: https://www.tachyonliving.com/?affiliate_id=159865&prodgroup=5250&fname=Barbie+

Products/Services: Tachyon energy rods plus free flower of life pendant

Link: https://healthevolutionproject.com/?p=r1mQHXfQU

Products/Services: Amino Essentials stem cell booster code: BARBIE for 10% off order

Link: https://christiesheldon.com/intuition-101/

Products/Services: Christie Marie’s private coaching program. Tell them Barbie sent you.

Link: www.BethanyLondyn.com

Products/Services: Theta healing and Amazon author Bethany Londyn

Link: http://www.hopeempowers.com/byob

Products/Services: Regina Diann women’s financial empowerment planner

Link: www.skydin.com

Products/Services: Skydin, world famous psychic and healer, maker of one of a kind sound healing instruments and out of this world jewelry

Link: http://4Dathletes.com

Products/Services: Jason Holzer, Best-selling Amazon author and Professional sports empowerment coach

Link: https://www.loom.com/share/63108b6efc0547d4a06540632e28c8c3



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