16TH – 18TH OCTOBER 2020


Make More Marbles — Build A Mastermind – Brad Hart

We help coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, and authors build mastermind groups that help them add $100k or more to their business in 5-10 hours a month.

You have the audio version here (just finished new version, it’s dope) : http://8minutemastermind.com/audio ($27)

You have the Full 21 Day Build A Mastermind Platinum Challenge here: http://buildamastermindchallenge.com ($77 or $97 depending on where they bought in the funnel)

You have the offers creation domination mini course here: http://buildamastermind.com/offer ($49)

You have the sales masterclass here: http://buildamastermind.com/sales ($97)

Here’s our training on the 5 shifts that will allow you to build a $100k+ mastermind: http://mastermindfaster.com (free pass– makes it available for 48 hours)

Fill out the form and book here if they’re interested in working with us: http://buildamastermind.com/schedule-now




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