16TH – 18TH OCTOBER 2020


Na’ima Robert

Pushing Through the Fear

But being able to push through the fear and write anyway was the beginning of my journey. Believing in my right to tell the stories that mattered to me was another huge step. And being able to get the support and encouragement I needed was a major factor in getting to where I am today.

After writing and writing and honing my skills and writing some more, then finally taking the plunge and sending my manuscripts off to publishers, things started happening: I got my first publishing contract for ‘The Swirling Hijaab’. Then wrote my next book. Got my next contract. Was commissioned to write more books. Saw my books translated. Wrote my first novel. Won awards. Wrote a memoir. Touched the lives of thousands of women through it. Travelled the world. Alhamdulillah.

Stepping up to Serve

I’ve been writing for almost 20 years now and I feel like now is the time to give back, to start sharing what I have learned, through coaching, online courses, speaking and publishing articles across multiple platforms.

So now, in my work in the Muslimah Writers project and the Abundant Author Academy, I run programmes that help women find their voice, write their books and build exponential income and impact as authors and game changers.

I also love personal development and, through my flagship Be The Hero programme, I get to support women to find the confidence, clarity and certainty they need to truly show up in their lives and get to their next level.

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