16TH – 18TH OCTOBER 2020


Vixen DeVille

Vixen’s own unique blend of Burlesque performance technique, fused with elements of Physical Theatre, Stand-up, Public Speaking, and Theatre Creation is perfect for anyone looking to free themselves up, rediscover themselves, and embrace a sense of play. Whether gaining to confidence to step out onto the Burlesque stage, or out of your own front door, this work provides the individual a new found freedom of self-expression, without shame or judgement. It provides the ability to be seen, to eradicate insecurities and in some cases even prove doctors wrong.

FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF…the amazing you, the one you didn’t realize existed, or are too scared to let out. Prove to yourself and others that no matter your age, shape, size, physical ability or life experience.. you are enough…


Worthy of the stage…

worthy of applause…

worthy of a voice…

worthy of Self-Love.

WEBSITE: http://www.vixendeville.com

FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD  “Vixen’s Unleashed” – https://www.vixendeville.com/vixensunleashed/ No matter your age, shape, size, physical ability or life experience, we are all worthy of the stage, of a voice, of self-love.

FREE ACCESS to my Core Concepts training – https://www.vixendeville.com/CoreConcepts
These 4 training videos and accompanying PDFs walk you through the techniques and mindset of a magnetically engaging solo performer, whether you choose to grace the stage or just apply them to your everyday life. Use code BESTYOU to access.

APPOINTMENT: https://calendly.com/vixen/




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