Carey Conley

Carey Conley

Carey Conley is dedicated to helping you identify your God-given purpose through Vision.

Carey is a vision expert with a passion for revolutionizing Vision and Purpose. Her goal is to teach people of all ages – adults, young adults, and families with young children – the importance of having a crystal-clear vision written down with dates. Children who determine their God-given purpose at a young age can reach unlimited success and be spared feelings of insecurity and self-doubt throughout their lives.

As a Soul visionary, Carey’s mission stems from her own adversity in her personal life after losing both her husband and son to suicide. She believes that by helping people see their vision and truly come to know their purpose, they will learn to create a legacy they wish to carry out.

Carey and her daughter Laurel have written a book entitled Keep Looking Up, which is now available on several audiobook platforms and Amazon. It offers much-needed guidance on transforming grief into hope after tragedy. Keep Looking Up provides tools and insights for those experiencing loss and focuses on how to create a new vision going forward.

As an entrepreneur and coach for over 25 years, Carey has built two thriving businesses. The first in network marketing and the second as a speaker and vision coach. Carey has helped thousands of people to realize their purpose-driven vision, put it on paper, and bring it to life! She is driven to help people recognize their purpose and remember who they are so they can thrive in this challenging world.

Carey does live trainings every week in her private Facebook group Vision Driven Life to help as many people as possible live with purpose and vision.

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