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Etan Boritzer

I am just a person born with genetic writing skills. I was first published at age 13 when I wrote an essay on the JFK assassination that was published in a New York City Public Schools anthology tribute. I have always earned my living as a writer. One day, many years ago, my then-seven year old niece unexpectedly asked me a difficult question. She asked, “What is God?” I was really stuck! I thought, Hmmm, let me see if I can tackle this question for a seven year old by writing a story. That is what started the whole What is? series, and that is how I became a children’s book author.

Actually, that first book What is God? was first published 15 years after I wrote it, and after more than 100 publishers, editors and literary agents had rejected it. Today What is God? is in its 26th reprint with over 300,000 copies sold! Lesson learned: What the bleep do the traditional publishers really know? With my second book What is Love? I encountered the same resistance again. Finally, I had enough of being subjected to the complications and tortures of going the traditional publishing route. Out of sheer frustration, in 1992 I founded Veronica Lane Books.

Since that time, my 15 bestselling children’s books in the What is? series have sold over 800,000 copies and the books are now published in 16 languages. With interest in our series building in Hollywood, we are on the way to seeing the books becoming the basis for a kids TV show on character education, positive social values and difficult topics.

During my publishing career other authors started coming to me for help in publishing and marketing their books. I wanted to help these authors avoid the disheartening and long road I had traveled to publication. I set up a fast track, fee-based publishing route for first time authors to see the realization of their book dreams. Veronica Lane Books has now published over 35 other authors in every genre including children, young adult, adult fiction and non-fiction, cookbooks, self-help books, textbooks, poetry and art books through our unique publishing services program.

Today I am extremely happy with the accomplishments of my small publishing empire and in being able to help other authors to publish their books. I know that I can help you too!