Dr. Kim D’Eramo, D.O.


Dr. Kim D’Eramo, D.O.

KIM D’ERAMO, D.O. is a conscious physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Tool Kit, and founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine. She received her board-certification in Emergency Medicine and attended residency at Emory University in Atlanta.

Dr. D’Eramo has been highly sensitive and able to perceive energy at deep levels throughout her life. She was able to heal a severe autoimmune disease during medical school when doctors told her she would be on medications for life.

She has now developed a new way of practicing medicine internationally to access others to the infinite medicine within ourselves. Her MindBody Medicine practice incorporates her understanding of conventional medicine and her awareness of the deeper energies that affect health. Kim assists clients all over the world through her online courses and group retreats. She shares a weekly live MindBody TV broadcast in the MindBody Community in Facebook and can be found at DrKimD.com.


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