17TH – 23RD OCTOBER 2020

Kirsten Elise Dunn

Kirsten Dunn is a successful master optician and real estate investor that refuses to allow her life’s experiences to define her. This single mother of three has overcome more than any one person should have.
Entering into life on her own, Kirsten went to college and found herself in a toxic relationship that introduced her to the other side of the law. After years of being tied up in illegal activity, having her first born son, and graduating with her bachelor’s degree, life caught up to her. Kirsten was incarcerated, spending the first five years of her sons life in recidivism. Reaching a breaking point upon her release from prison five years later and determined to do the Lord’s work, Kirsten immediately found a home at church and began living out her purpose.
Today, Kirsten uses her pain to give her a purpose to influence. By investing in real estate, Kirsten is able to help families by providing quality foster care and also shares her love of eyewear by donating glasses to children in need. Kirsten feels in the center core of her purpose participating in the many speaking engagements, uplifting women and training men and women how to become Kingdom Minded Socialprenuers. Kirsten invests a ample amount of time in giving back to children in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Kirsten also visits prisons to testify how life beyond bars can exist without recidivism.