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Know your WORTH. Embrace your Mess. Live UNLEASHED.

Leigh Koechner


Leigh Koechner is a Podcaster, Speaker, Parenting Expert, has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and is a Spiritual Teacher. What she is most proud of is being happily married to her beloved actor, David Koechner, for twenty years and parenting their five beautiful children. Leigh Koechner inspires others by being unapologetically who she is. With an open mind and heart, Leigh is ballsy, vulnerable, and funny as hell. She is committed to being of service by shining her Light and sharing her story.

Leigh’s journey

I WAS RAISED IN KANSAS CITY in a home with a mentally ill mother that was locked behind her bedroom door and a father that worked hard and spanked hard. There were 6 kids in my family and as odd as it seems, I felt all alone. I felt like no one saw me or heard me. I interpreted this in my 7 year old mind that I was unworthy.  I was so unworthy I was’t even good enough for my own mother to get out of bed. I created this tough as nails, I don’t need anyone persona. I lived out my tough unworthiness with sex, drugs and Rick Springfield through high school, college and into the streets of Los Angles. I knew one day I wanted to be married and start a family, but my life style was not supporting that outcome. It wasn’t until at 30 years old, completely worn out, that I dropped to my knees and asked God for help.

HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS 3 WEEKS LATER when my husband, David Koechner, walked into the Kansas City Airport terminal.

My life changing work started when we were together and I didn’t know what in the heck to do. I was just use to getting drunk and making out in bars, not actually talking to someone. After a few months of me, as I describe, flopping around as Dave held my ankle. When i grew too tired to flop, Dave picked me up and said, “let’s go talk to someone and figure out what is going on.” We went to a therapist who said she could tell we were committed to each other, but she would like to see me by myself. Two years later and after six months straight of crying (she said I had 30 years of crying to do and boy was she right!), I understood why I behaved the way I did and I started melting the armor I had created from childhood. It no longer served me.

I AM A CHIP OF THE OLD GOD BLOCK. Every religion says we are made in the likeness of God or The kingdom of God is within us. We couldn’t shake God even if we wanted to. We are NEVER alone. We are ALL connected. God runs through all of us which makes us brothers and sisters of the humankind. Hello brother.

DAVE AND I HAVE BEEN MARRIED 20 YEARS AND WE HAVE 5 CHILDREN, boy what a wondrous ride it has been. I embrace each day. My eyes, mind, and heart are wide open so I don’t miss a thing.  My house is like a pressure cooker of learning. My kids show me everyday where I still have work to do.

I teach from the wisdom of my heart, while using the stories of my life. I live with compassion and balls and I celebrate my flawed and fabulous self. I look forward to celebrating yours!