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Ryan Long

Ryan Long was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Throughout his childhood he was presented with many difficult obstacles. Born with a club foot, being raised in poverty and the death of his Grandfather by suicide led Ryan into a path of unconscious success. He produced and promoted events that weren’t serving his spirit which landed him at Grandma’s without a job and without love. This was Ryan’s time of transoformaiton and re-programming via keeping his head in self help and success books. This created a new mindset about service. He chose to dedicate his life from this point forward to giving and providing value to the world and growing himself so he can give back.

This is when Ryan branded a new event called the City Gala. The Gala’s vision is to advance community through humanitarian activities and events. The purpose of the gala is to assist startup, charitable organizations gain access to funds and awareness. The City Gala has featured speakers and honorees such as Sir Richard Branson, Sean Combs, Jane Seymour, John Travolta, and Halle Berry. Shortly after founding the City Gala, Long executive produced the Novus Summit and the United Nations that featured speakers and a theme of how innovation and technology is moving forward against today’s global grand challenges.

The City Summit, which Ryan founded in order to assist entrepreneurs in building and growing their business is themed “a world class, socially conscious business acceleration experience.”

Ryan is excited about the future and the possibilities he sees before him. He looks forward to expanding his company and fundraising endeavors internationally.