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Seda Diker

My name is Seda Diker. I am an emotional alchemist. I do emotional communications coaching, hypnosys, on relationship issues, sexuality and femininity issues. I dedicated my life on empowering women, especially where there is much abuse, threatening, blackmailing emotionally and physically. I studied the history of the transformation of society, from the patriarchal to matriarchal society. The center of this transformation was India those years and Anatolia.

Lately, I am starting to work for women who need IVF help to conceive a baby. This is also my starting point.

I went through 3 artificial insemination, 6 IVF, 2 uterus operations when the doctors sent me home. They told me to find some other stuff to make myself happy. I worked on myself to align my inner thoughts, deeply seated subconscious judgement, and my emotions. I used sexual energy to transform it into life energy, and emotional alchemy to finally get pregnant and have my son in my arms. That was 18 years ago.

I studied at an American High School, Robert College, and a half an American University in İstanbul, Bosphorous University. When we moved to New York to live, I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy and worked with international cancer patients for making them more comfortable during their medications. When we returned to İstanbul, I started my own business and this time I found myself reliving the pain of separation in relationships. I am specialized on emotional transmutation.

I had a column at a major newspaper in Turkey for 4 years.

I had 9 books published which are still on the shelves of the main bookstores.

I appeared in more than 100 TV shows

I also made my own TV show “New Energy” on TV8, a national channel.

I was elected as a Turkish member of the United Nations Empowering Women Desk in 2016