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TK Huynh

Dr. TK is a Functional Energy Medicine expert.  Using a combination of ancient energy medicine techniques and advance technologies, he created a coherence information pain relief cream.  He has a 25 years passion mission of help everyone find PEACE and live a pain free life.

We are the Star-Trek of ‘bio-hacking’ pain cream. Dr. TK Huynh is a compounding pharmacist and a Functional Energy Medicine expert. Using ancient energy medicine and the latest technology, he formed what is known as “Functional Energy Medicine”.  He has a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Functional Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine and a Doctorate of Pharmacy from MCPHS. Tired of seeing only addictive side effects of prescription pain pills, he set out to find a true solution to pain. He discovered the mind-body energy connections to pain through coherence bio-information and  PEACE. Using RED light and biofeedback informations imprinted into the pain cream, it can help the user let go of all the emotional stress and find unconditional love and PEACE. In this state of PEACE, our pain intensity changes. MindBody Matrix’s 25 years mission is to help 1 million veterans find PEACE with our buy1give1 to a veteran program.