18th – 20th March 2021


Stand Table 28

A Million Words Away

For the past 20 years, Blake has had careers as a college professor of Literature, Composition, and Journalism; a daily journalist; and most notably as a successful ghostwriter. In this latter role, Blake has worked with famous doctors, tech gurus, celebrities, politicians, and more. Some of these books have attained the highly coveted “bestseller” label with both Amazon and the New York Times.
With all of his success over the years in writing books and obtaining publishing deals for others, Blake had neglected, his own personal works. As he recovered from his surgery, he began to develop a plan. Taking his knowledge of platform-building for authors, he decided the best way to get his unpublished manuscripts out there was to go big or go home. He decided he would publish a book a month for a year. 12 books vs. 1 tumor. A Million Words Away…


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