18th – 20th March 2021


Beyond Publishing

We have brought together a team of Book Launch Experts™ that help authors write, create, and publish new books while helping them employ the latest in book launch strategies to maximize their book launch and increase their odds of winning at achieving Best Seller Status™

At BEYOND PUBLISHING we are all about community.
One of the key ingredients of success for any author is the timing of their book launch and having a supportive community of authors, Book Launch Experts™ and experienced book writers once the launch date is selected. At BeyondPublishing.net we are building the World’s Largest online community of Independent Authors and Book Launch Experts™ to help select authors achieve Best Seller Status™

Meet some other great authors, speakers, editors, book launch experts. Network, build some relationships, make some potential long-term friendships and establish some joint venture partnerships. If you stick around and believe the world deserves to hear about your book we are going to help you achieve Best Seller Status™



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