18th – 20th March 2021


Stand Table 16

Bryan C Dunn, Sage Life Solutions

After an award-winning teaching career, I began my new journey and opened Sage Hypnotherapy and Coaching in my local area in the High Desert of California. As time marched on and my success grew, I gained the attention of other coaching and entrepreneurial professionals.  In December of 2017, I was asked to join Coaching and Life, a Denmark based company, to be a partner in expanding to the U.S.

Representing Sage Hypnotherapy and Coaching and Coaching and Life, I was invited as a guest on “The Business Doctor with Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi” show, as well as interviews with Divya Parekh on her show on I Heart Radio and a segment on Business Radio out of New York.  I have a recurring spot on the “Down the Road Show” podcast, sharing my Lazy Life Lessons to a pop culture audience.

I am always adding new approaches to assisting people attain their goals. My goal has been to reach a global audience. To those ends, Sage Hypnotherapy expanded into Sage Life Solutions (SLS). Utilizing a variety of techniques and strategies, Sage Life Solutions is helping individuals and businesses worldwide, overcome traumas and obstacles and attaining personal and professional growth.  Sage Life Solutions is focused on the individual’s strengths. Capitalizing on them to overcome their weaknesses.

In 2018, I become a Certified Havening Practitioner. Havening is an amazing approach that has been helping me eradicate trauma and anxiety for a global clientele.  Many business leaders across the globe have benefited from the Havening process, eliminating the barricades that have kept them from obtaining personal and professional success. As I say, “If you ain’t right, your business ain’t gonna be right.”

I am thrilled to continue to grow and enhance the lives of those with whom I work.

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