18th – 20th March 2021


Stand Table 31

Citizens in Recovery

Citizens In Recovery provides confidential & private life coaching for people recovering from addictions, mental health and adverse life experiences. We work with individuals who are struggling to move forward in life because of the limiting thoughts or beliefs they have about themselves or the world around them. We help people find their resilience and inner power to overcome their own personal struggles and reach their true potential. Most of the time, our problems are the result of maladaptive coping mechanisms we have created and used to deal with harmful events from the past. 

We teach you how to identify, understand and resolve your challenges without any judgement, shame or remorse. You will learn to view the events of the past for what they were, whether justified or unjustified, and find closure. We teach you techniques that help you move forward when those thoughts or memories are triggered. You will become more aware of negative thoughts and old behaviors that used to be destructive, and make new choices to deal with difficult situations as they arise. You will begin to see positive and lasting outcomes in your life, and you will thrive!



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