18th – 20th March 2021


Conscious Family Solutions LLC

Conscious Family Solutions ​is deeply rooted in being a collaborative partner with parents and educators. We know
that by supporting parents and educators in teaching Emotional Regulation Skills, we are helping to create a future
society where our children become adults who can identify and regulate their emotions in a healthy way. Emotionally
healthy children become emotionally healthy adults who positively contribute to society.
Conscious Family Solutions ​is a unique business that differs from other parenting “programs” or classes. ​Aside from
forward thinking, we know that parents are a child’s first teacher. While implementing effective discipline as a parent is
important, ​our focus is on helping children learn how to regulate their emotions. ​When children can calm
themselves during a dysregulated emotional state without adult intervention, they have essential skills to benefit them
throughout their life.
Another aspect that sets ​Conscious Family Solutions​ apart from other services of this nature is the customized
coaching plan created using an intake process that pinpoints the specific needs of each child and family. With the
founder’s direct knowledge of current school practices in Social Emotional Learning, this provides a strong
home-school connection expertise when working with families and educational organizations.



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