18th – 20th March 2021


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Fusion Performance Institute

Craig & Jenny Dumnich discover the power within each individual to stop self-sabotage and take control
of the circumstances in their life, make more money, improve wellness and find greater happiness.
We realize that the success of what is going on in your life outside of business is just as important as the
actions you take to create results within your business. When you identify and discover successful
resolution to the challenges you are facing within your business as well as outside of your business the
results are exponential.
Toxic culture, strained relationships, financial matters, ineffective communication and health challenges
are all sources of stress that drain your energy and impact your performance, happiness and physical
and financial well-being.
As International Wellness Consultants and co-founders of Craig and Jenny D, FUSION Performance
Institute and Retreats Re-Imagined., together they guide highly accomplished individuals and companies
from around the globe to amplify their results by redefining success from a wholistic perspective.
They will guide you to discover how you are showing up in your life for yourself, your business and your
relationships. Often, people are blind to their own actions and how they are perceived by others, leaving
a devastating impact on their personal, professional and emotional lives. Our goal is to inspire and guide
you to elevate your capacity to find the quality of life you have been seeking.
They have learned first-hand, after 33 years combined experience as financial executives and a journey
through life-threatening illness, that your true wealth potential lies in the health of your entire success
matrix, including body, mind, business, relationships and finances.
Through their Executive Excellence Retreats, Life Mastery Retreats, Total Immersion Retreats, ,
Workshops, keynotes, and wellness consulting they have proven results in taking lives to a new level of
accomplishment, financial success, wellness and personal fulfillment!
Their newest brand, Retreats Re-Imagined, brings positive disruption to the retreat industry by creating
world-class, luxury, customized retreats for corporate teams and organizations incorporating their
unique systems and style to leave a lasting and crucial impact on the attendee.
Their footprint expands globally across four continents and 12 countries.
They both enjoy spending their free time with their five children and taking adventures together as a family.



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