18th – 20th March 2021


Kiss The Monkeys


Kiss The Monkeys has created a new and exciting Evolution. Kiss The Monkeys is a diverse group of people originated from a Facebook page that “interactively” exchanged thoughts and ideas on a constant contact basis.

Organically – Our conversations went from our laptops to event gatherings at major city venues and private estates. We gather in the interests of making positive changes in the world and ourselves. Kiss The Monkeys is not just a network of professionals, entertainers, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs – we are also a MOVEMENT in the way we organize events such as charity fundraisers, workshops, concerts, seminars, and fashion shows that connect our community professionally and socially.

We are a referral based community of brand ambassadors for one another, inspired by the simple ideal that, “I will endorse your public image and buy or recommend your product/service because I know and LIKE you”.


Three Key Values:

Be Connected – Be a part of a wonderful, diverse network of peers working to create an energetic and dynamic environment of learning, networking, and spreading positive energy into the world .

Be Influential – Make your mark. Make a difference in our community and have a positive impact on the future of Kiss the Monkeys as we continue to grow .

Interact with other members of Kiss the Monkeys community.

Be Inspired – Embrace your own self image and personal growth.

Polish your networking skills and develop professionally.

Mission Statement

To attract and retain talented special people into our Kiss the Monkeys community by offering opportunities to create a valuable network of peers, develop and grow professionally and build relationships with local members .
To enrich our community by uniting and engaging the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of our Kiss the Monkeys Members.

What Is In It For Me?

• Build a valuable network of peers
• Grow and develop personally and professionally
• Learn from others in the network who are already established in their own field.
• Contribute to and enrich the community
• Create and cultivate future members to continue spreading Kiss the Monkeys positive message.

Kiss the Monkeys is a group of goal-oriented and socially active individuals who are in the various stages of their career with a desire to build and strengthen the community .
Kiss the Monkeys is devoted to providing our members , ages 17-85 (or young at heart), with the skills, contacts and opportunities to help them succeed and become active members of the community they live in .

Membership is open to all those who are interested in creating positive change in themselves and our community.



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