18th – 20th March 2021


NLP Akadémia,s.r.o.

At the NLP Academy, we emphasize the speed of your changes

The human brain can only learn quickly. How long did it take you to learn not to touch the hot plate on the stove? About half a second.

Conversely, the brain cannot learn slowly. If we show you one second from a movie once a day, it makes no sense to you. Only when the images follow each other fast enough is the brain able to understand the connection.

Our NLP seminars are focused on your rapid change

Yet your age doesn’t matter at all. Not even how successful you are today. What matters is your willingness to do things differently than ever before.

Learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP – is more than one method.

NLP will give you practical and effective exercises. You will be surprised how quickly the NLP Academy seminar will positively affect your life.

NLP trainers Academy underwent training  under the personal supervision of the NLP co-founder  – Dr. Richard Bandler. At least once every two years, our trainers attend Dr. Richard Bandler new certification. You benefit from it – you are so guaranteed that our knowledge is up to date and we really understand our work.



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