18th – 20th March 2021


Stand E-7

Speaker Simon Bensaidy

Simon Bensaidy is one of the most recent sought after inspirational and motivational speakers, by various event planners for seminars and global meetings. He is the founder and CEO of Advanced Personal Innovation (API) program. A uniquely developed science based training and coaching curriculum that teaches ambitious individuals, striving professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs the latest proactive hacks and innovative practices, to achieve consistent and positive results with their business and personal development, specifically in the area of personal re-invention, self-confidence, growth leadership, and practical human connection skills.

After he immigrated from Morocco to the US in 2009, Simon went from being homeless living in his car during the economic recession, to starting a High-Tech electronics business that served manufacturers in many leading industries such as Aerospace, Aviation, Military, and Commercial applications.

In addition to Simon’s unique yet relatable life story, he delivers profound and thoughtful keynotes that when coupled with motivational trainings, instantly inspires individual transformation. With an underlying focus on personal innovation, he always leaves audiences with an expanded perspective and increased connection to one another, their business and both their personal and professional growth.

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Simon actively researches topics of human potential, productivity, epic-performance, futuristic improvements, philosophy, and our growing global consciousness.

Today he humbly shares his knowledge and inspires people around the world.



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