18th – 20th March 2021


The Kim Pagano Show

Your host, Kim Pagano, is brought to you by the award winning talk radio station 1590 KVTA. Kim brings you “Experts and Reality” in an effort to educate moms, dads, children, and the entire community in useful daily knowledge. She talks about how to cope and meet everyday demands with a positive, yet realistic point of view in today’s world. You never know what Kim is going to talk about. She looks into the lives of families, in every walk of life, and educates them on how to get the support they need. She helps families get the answers they not only need, but the answers they deserve, from the experts in any practice and industry! Kim Pagano reminds us that it is all about our own personal journey and making it the best.

Kim highlights Interesting guests. She brings you the answers you have been looking for in everyday challenges! She brings the Experts to you!



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