18th – 20th March 2021


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We Ignite your Brand On and Offline…We are a Social Media Influencer & Brand Ambassador Agency
Why Does Your Brand Need Brand Influencers?
Building an authentic brand relationship with your target audience is vital to future brand loyalty. You realize that you can no longer just tell your brand’s story. Your customers need to be your #1 voice, endorsers, and brand advocates.
Consumers turn a blind eye to direct brand marketing ads and now place a third party’s recommendations in a higher regard. Our influencers share through social channels their own positive experiences and engage your target audience to join in on the conversations around your brand. More cost effective and efficient than traditional marketing, influencer marketing connects your brand to a wider target audience of users, customers, and peer to peer influencers who carry your message and expand your market’s reach.
Our Influencers put emphasis on creating “shareable content”. They know how to increase likes, comments, shares, and other forms of engagements with their audience. The focus on higher engagment and extra attention to creating “shareable content” in turn, results in higher sales and revenue for your brand.
We Find Your “Perfect Fit”
Our “Perfect Fit” program, achieves an authentic fit between our Influencers and your brand to leverage brand awareness, exposure, and engagement for a wider audience. The program is geared for our influencers to change the attitudes within their community and convert one to many and expand your market shares and in turn increase sales.
We Tailor Influencers to Your Needs:
· Aesthetic and Personality
· Demographics
· Social Followings – Macro vs Micro
· Analytics and Engagement Levels
· Creative Content
· Lifestyle
Our Influencers stir up genuine conversations on your products amongst your target audience. Our influencers optimize traction and maximize your return on investment, by providing engagements, analytics/insights, and photos and videos to apply to your brand for future brand success
Social Media Engagements at Your Event
Our Brand Influencers offer you a social media “Take Over” of temporary access to all your social media platforms. While you focus on your event, our Influencers are on-site to capture action shots and mini videos and InstaStories of attendees engaging with your product. Keeping their followers in the loop too, simultaneously, our Influencers are posting your brand to their own social platforms as well. After the event, you are able to walk away with quality assets of photos and videos to apply to your brand in the future.
BRAND AMBASSADORS – We Ignite Excitement for Your Brand in the Events Space
Not Just a Pretty Face Will Do
Building an authentic brand relationship with potential clients is the key to future brand loyalty. A brand establishes authenticity by creating engaging experiences around their product. We desire to achieve the “Perfect Fit” between our Brand Ambassadors and your brand. We are experts at finding and pairing reliable Ambassadors with the right professional experience, aesthetic, and personality to execute and cultivate engaging authentic experiences for your audience.
Our Ambassadors enhance connections to your brand through representation at events, social media engagements, creating concrete follow-ups, and engaging with event attendees. Acting as your representatives, our Ambassadors are trained on the metrics, talking points, and engagements needed forthe success of your event. We stir-up excitement and initiate conversations with event attendees on your brand!



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