18th – 20th March 2021


Unsilenced Voices

Unsilenced Voices has been operating in Ghana and Sierra Leone where
they are working to implement shelters, sensitization programs, legal assistance,
vocational training, medical and counseling to survivors. The organization also
provides fiscal sponsorship to an NGO called Happy Children in Nepal and an
organization in Spain entitled Ellamo. Unsilenced Voices is currently developing
essential partners in the United States to serve the greater Los Angeles area.

Michelle Jewsbury is an innovator with a remarkable ability to use her
story to help others navigate through life. Michelle has had numerous appearances
on talk shows, speaking engagements and workshops and has led multiple
seminars on the harsh reality of violence against women and gender-equality. She
was recently featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and KTLA.

Michelle has embarked on a new adventure to empower influential student
ambassadors to advance economic prosperity across cultures and beyond borders
as CFO of Student Economic Forum SEF. The concept was crafted after
Michelle spoke at the Women’s Economic Forum WEF in Cairo, Egypt in March
2020. Through her participation in the WEF conference emerged a bond with
other women to give back to others under the auspices of the values and beliefs of
ALL Ladies League and the true spirit of the vision of WEF being; philanthropic,
non-profit and collaborative. Through collaborative efforts, Michelle envisions the
emerging group, Student Economic Forum SEF as one that unleashes the power
of each young person to grow and aspire to become change makers in society.

Free Gift link: https://tinymm.com/Jq4x3
program: www.unsilencemyvoice.com



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