Ione​ ​Butler​ ​to​ ​bring​ ​Uplifting​ ​message​ ​to​ ​The​ ​Best​ ​You​ ​Expo!


The Founder of Uplifting Content, a positive news media outlet with more than 1.2 million facebook followers is to bring her life-affirming story to The Best You Expo – in London, UK , and Long Beach, California, USA.

Actress and professional presenter Ione Butler will demonstrate the flaw in the old saying that good news is no news with her social media success.

Frustrated by traditional media’s constant focus on bad news, Ione decided to change things up by sharing the good things going on in the world. How her Uplifting Content facebook page gathered more than 1.2 million followers with its positive posts designed to inspire others to live life to the fullest will be revealed in her showcase talk at the Expo.

Ione argues that her company, Uplifting Content, isn’t only an antidote to bad news. It encourages people to take action and be of service to their community and the world, making them the good news of tomorrow.

“We take news submissions from people who need help with their cause and encourage our audience to support in whatever way they can, be it by donating their time, money, skills or resources,” she says.

This smart, fun social enterprise encourages everyone to accentuate the positive.

The Best You Expo will draw together the very best in the Personal Development world, to create a unique and life-enriching event, with hundreds of exhibitors from across the world offering their unique take on life that will make your life better.

The Best You Expos will take place in London, UK on 16-17th February 2018, and 24th-25th March 2018 at Long Beach USA.