18th – 20th March 2021
You’re ready for change, I’m ready to help!

Alexis Escobar

Alexis Escobar is on the journey of a lifetime to help people find their light and live out their “higher purpose.” Host of the “Happiness Uncovered” podcast and a certified Health/Life Coach, she has a fresh background in habit change, overall wellness, and communications but is no stranger to the challenges of life and overcoming them from an empowered place. She is speaking for the first time at the Best You Expo in LA and is ready to spark the revolution that is needed for many people who have fallen to their circumstances. The reality is that we all leave an impact on the world regardless if we realize it or not. Allow this workshop to open your mind to the new possibilities of making your mark from a fulfilled place. Whether you are someone who is already on the self-discovery journey or interested to hear more, gain the power and authenticity to increase the impact of your actions.

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