18th – 20th March 2021

Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrmann is an investment banker economist and served as the founder of one of the fastest growing public traded investment banking institutions from1960 to 1988. Berny founded CEO Space International in 1988 which as become known as the #1 Press ranked Business Growth Conference in the world today.

In 2020 Berny founded BAM; the Business Acceleration Marketplace. BAM serves as advanced training and networking – owner to owner – for leaders at the top – inside a market place ideal for post pandemic Super Change.

Berny is a best selling author, an award winning film producer, the inventor of Super Teaching and Super Bonds, and has been noted as a Top Ten Keynote Speaker by Forbes.

Berny is mentor to the thought leaders of our age, supporting such record setters as Chicken Soup, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think & Grow Rich for Woman to name a few.

Today, Berny consults to sovereign nations on rapid economic development and Super Bond sovereign nation DEBT resetting.

Berny also consults to unicorn companies such as game changing hydrogen for new energy for the future, and micro cities for states and nations now under construction powered by Cooperative Capitalism also invented by Berny Dohrmann.

Berny is married to September Dohrmann who owns and is CEO of CEO Space. Berny is father to nine, and lives in Tampa Bay Florida with their black retriever Cooper who believes Berny is his dog as alpha male. Berny spoils Cooper as a vice which he refuses to moderate as one constant in Super Change.



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