Bryan Dunn

Bryan Dunn

Hey everyone, I am Bryan C Dunn. I have a bunch of degrees and certifications to help individuals and businesses attain their goals. Moreover, and more importantly, I give a damn. I use every strategy to meet my clients’ goals.

It was the same mantra for my teaching career. I had a fantastic and award-winning career as a special education teacher. I am proud to say that under my guidance, my special education students published professional magazines, interviewing the notable people such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Isaac Singleton Jr.

My goal is to teach my clients to fish. Use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. And understand that they are not alone…I give a damn.

Currently, I have taken on the title of The Lazy Life Coach, as I write my book of Lazy Life Lessons. Minimal investments to get maximum gains in your life.

My life is an adventure. Come and join me on this adventure of your lifetime.

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