18th – 20th March 2021

Doria Cordova

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, PhD (Hon.), CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur,
Ambassador of New Education, Mentor of Nurturing

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova owns Excellerated Business Schools® for Entrepreneurs and Money & You®, a global organization that has over 165,000 participants for the past 40 years from over 85 countries, especially from Asia Pacific and the Americas. The programs are taught in English, Chinese and Japanese – soon expanding to Tamil, Hindi and other Indian languages– plus, Spanish, Bahasa and more… Many of today’s wealth and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and transformed the way they teach and run their organizations.

Through these graduates, including her business partnership of 9 years in the 80’s and ’90’s with Robert T. Kiyosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad fame, Dame Cordova’s work has touched the lives of millions all over the world. The essence of her work is to not only focus on the bottom line and profits but also to offer products and services that add value to humanity.

She is the only Latin woman that was part of the group of pioneers, led by Marshall Thurber and Bobbi DePorter of http://www.Supercamp.com, that began the development of the transformational, experiential, entrepreneurial training industry. She inherited the work over 33 years ago which has now expanded to what it’s today through countless partners, associates, teams, graduates and the support of many.




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