18th – 20th March 2021

Haleh Gianni

Haleh Gianni, the founder of 505 Living, is a certified Life and Relationship Coach. With over a decade in practice, she helps her clients understand their behavior, perception, preferences, and communication style from a different perspective so that they can live a more authentic life.  Her unique approach to coaching and personal development has made lasting positive changes in people’s lives. She believes that human nature is distinct in each person, and understanding such attributes can lead to fulfilling decisions, stronger relationships, and meaningful successes.

Haleh has a very diverse personal and professional background. Growing up between significantly distinct cultures and lifestyles of the East and the West has prepared her to bridge the two worlds and see life through a more optimistic and loving lens. Although she currently resides in San Diego, CA, she travels abroad often and maintains a global perspective on making an impact on people’s lives. She has a B.S. Degree in Biology, an M.S. in Systems Communication Management, and specialized training in an advanced Human Assessment Technology. The Tech-industry is where she developed her career as a Quality Assurance Engineer with several start-up software companies. During the prime of her engineering career, she experienced major life changes that drew her toward personal development work. It was then when she came across a body of wisdom that transformed her in ways beyond her imagination.

The knowledge she gained, she shared with colleagues and friends. It didn’t take long for her to realize how important it was for her to serve humanity at a larger scale. Today, she helps people gain self-mastery that naturally enhances every area of their lives. She also works with professional organizations to make better teams and create a path to synergistic productivity.

Her mission is to change the dialogue when it comes to conflict resolution, personal development, relationships, and motivation, so we can focus more on ‘what’s right’ for us vs. ‘what’s wrong with us’ and be OK.


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