18th – 20th March 2021

Ian Blake Newhem

I’m an award-winning veteran writer, editor, & ghostwriter who’s published more than 100 books, articles, stories, & essays for major publishers & national publications. I founded The Ghost of the Future, LLC, a full-service writing, editing, & platform-building corporation after years in journalism education. Among other projects, I ghosted & co-authored New York Times & Amazon bestsellers. I’ve worked with distinguished personalities including major politicians, journalists, film & TV celebrities, tech gurus, CEOs, soldiers, celebrity doctors, musicians, sports figures, & cultural icons. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, I’ve seen my work anthologized & produced for NPR, & I’ve appeared on hundreds of radio &TV shows in support of my author-clients & my own work. I worked as a Literature & Journalism professor in the SUNY system for 17 years. When I’m not locked in a lead-lined room for radiation treatments, I travel extensively in the US & abroad, lecturing on ghostwriting, publishing, ethics, & health, as well as judging national & international writing competitions. I also write for TV, with several new series in pre-production or production.

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