18th – 20th March 2021

Jeanette Carbajal

Jeanette is a Transformational Love coach for those diagnosed with cancer and disease. She simultaneously embraced becoming an empowerment coach to their caregivers. For every diagnosis, there is a family that is left with unknown questions. Empowering ones healing hand to help them find clarity amidst the chaos is a privilege to witness. This path and way of life came about after leaving her vibrant construction career to aid for her ill parents and grandmother. Only once she fully stepped into the caregiver role, did she find a strength and honor unlike any other job she ever experienced.

While managing her family’s simultaneous battle with multiple chronic diagnosis. An enchanting love for holistic and ancient healing modalities lead her to coaching and NLP. After losing my grandmother to cancer, she was determined to understand the minds’ role in healing and its counterpart “blocks” we subconsciously create. While we internalizing the external world and create meanings this is what life is all about. I love helping my clients find a new level of peace, I like to say “I’m the calm in the center of their cancer storm”. This is what I love about this works experience, when a client is brave enough to face their diagnosis, the family too heals. By finding a unique balance of strength, support, community and detoxing the world around them. Anyone can experience health while loving and living with a disease.



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