18th – 20th March 2021

All sessions by Jeremy “Jay” Ticker

Aspire to inspire.

Jeremy “Jay” Ticker

Jeremy “Jay” Ticker, sports commentator and founder of The Ticker Report, is not a name to overlook in the world of urban news, sports, and entertainment. Witty, comical yet enticing, Jay Ticker reports on trending news by providing media updates for listeners and viewers throughout the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, CA.

With more than nine years of industry experience, Jay’s mission is to revolutionize the media landscape by inspiring the new generation of intellectuals to identify and gain an understanding of “real” news.

The Ticker Report is a show that highlights well-known public figures who inspire their community through philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Jay’s respected primary source reporting has not only gone VIRAL but has also gained the attention of mainstream media platforms such as Revolt TV and True Magazine.



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