18th – 20th March 2021

Katia Stoletniy & Carolina Osorio

Katia Stoletniy

Co-founder of Inner Growth Lab, Board Certified psychiatrist and obesity specialist, Dr. Stoletniy focuses most of her time on helping people change habits to improve lifestyle. Passionate about behavior modification, skill development and mindset optimization, Dr Stoletniy partnered with Dr Osorio and founded Inner Growth Lab with the vision to offer transformational experiences to anyone commited on becoming their best version yet.

Carolina Osorio

Co-founder of Inner Growth Lab, and board-certified adult and geriatric psychiatry, Dr. Osorio is a published, peer-reviewed author in the area of epigenetics and brain disorders in aging. Her life passion is to optimize human potential with a focus on health span rather than life span. With years of experience, she has developed a philosophy and approach for creating and sustaining a successful life no matter people’s age. During the past few years, Dr. Osorio has been traveling to train individuals through the Caribbean and South America in order to build strong and more resilient communities. She also spends time coaching doctors in training. Now partnering with Dr. Stoletniy they have founded Inner Growth Lab a company that offers tools for p

ersonal growth while thriving in life based on research, positive psychology, clinical experience, and her own personal journey.







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