Maria Teresa Villarreal

Business Owner, Leader in the Cosmetology Industry

Maria Teresa Villarreal

Since 1987 she has acquired knowledge in the science and art of beauty. In 1991 she acquired her license as a professional cosmetologist. She is a trailblazer in the business of beauty. In 1992 she saw the need for a union amongst the Spanish speaking stylist and business owners in the industry. This lead to the creation of the first non-profit association for latino stylists in California.

The entire association now boasts more than 10,000 members that work towards the growth of both professionals and businesses. In 1997 she obtained from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Accredited like a vocational teacher in the beauty industry.

In 1998 she taught at Cosmetology schools. In 1999 she directed the Spanish Cosmetology education program with Los Angeles County Cosmetology Apprenticeship Council. In 2002 she had the passion for offering education with the st advanced techniques to all professionals who wish to aquire an inderstanding os the science and art of beauty.

For that reason, she obtained the Registration for COSMETICA LATINA. Post-secondary private vocational school registered with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and vocational school code 1942851. This is where classes are given in business, make-up, updos, colorizing skin care, massages, etc.

In 2005 she saw the need for the community to discover the guarded secret of the state of California. The system of education that consists of learning a profession of Cosmetology and Barbering in a beauty salon or barber salon.

Successfully received approval from the Department of Industrial Relations for Cosmetica and Barbering Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee representing Southern California Cosmetology and Barbering Employers Associations. A nonprofit association 501 ( c) (3)

María Teresa’s passion isn’t limited to the beauty industry. She is part of organizations like el comité Mexicano
cívico patriótico in which she has participated as secretary.

Executive and director of Certamen Señoritas fiestas Patrias. She has also offered scholarships for the participants to COSMETICA so they can learn the beauty industry. She has always fought to maintain and not lose the civic acts of latinos, in conjunction with the Mexican consulate, federations, community organizations in California.

Her purpose is to always offer the community the highest education and information regarding the laws and regulations of the industry.

*Always understanding with humility the purpose of what life places in her hands and willing to serve others with passion, honesty, and dedication.

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