18th – 20th March 2021

Matt James Hersh

Matt Hersh is a business coach and consultant who has walked his talk and knows firsthand the amazing breakthroughs that one can experience with a high quality coach.

Matt received a bioengineering degree, masters at Dartmouth College, and then became a corporate consultant at a prestigious strategy consulting firm.

Even though it was the recent college grad’s #1 sought after high-paying job, the lifestyle he had (or lack thereof) forced him to give up two of his most sacred values — health and freedom.

After soul-searching and setting up a business along-side 80-hour corporate work weeks, Matt ditched the cubical confines, set aside his 6-figure salary and said goodbye to the billion-dollar brand work to pursue his passion for helping entrepreneurs clarify what’s in their head, create a realistic action plan, and make their vision a reality.

Matt has spent a decade seeking out the best schools, businesses, strategies, coaches and gurus around the world to learn the universal principles that govern life and business… the best practices that enable growth… and the most effective methods to help humans get what they want and where they need to be on all levels of living.

Matt’s personal experience and the wealth of knowledge he’s gained along the way have empowered him to understand himself and those he works with on a deep level, apply it to what he and they do and maximize impact toward the creation of a fulfilling future.

As a result, the amazing breakthroughs and accomplishments he’s seen in his personal and professional life have been nothing short of magical and it’s now become his mission to show others how to do the same – how to uncover your one big idea, unlock your superpower and unleash your impact potential.