18th – 20th March 2021
Create your thinking, Build your resilience, Expand your life

Nicole Marie Kite

What choices are you making each day to be in control of your life? Do you feel that you lack in self-belief or self-confidence?

You have more control over your mindset, resilience and success than you realise but is it as easy as it sounds? Yes it is…if you’re willing to put in the work.

Nicole is a Global Training Director specialising in behavioural change and has worked with over 6000 individuals and team members to maximise their mindset and achieve peak performance.

Having spent the last 15 years refining her process she knows that everyone holds the power to their own success within them and she works with individuals to unlock their potential, by removing limiting beliefs and creating new, more resourceful thought patterns.

This has seen individuals grow in self-confidence, self-belief and achieving success in many different ways.

Using her NLP, Positive Psychology and developmental studies, her mission is to help thousands more through coaching, online courses, live training sessions and speaking events.

Nicole Kite will be at The Best You EXPO



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