Renee Caballero

Renee Caballero

As a mother of a teenager, my focus during the early years of my parenting journey was to create a foundation for my
child that would help her be an emotionally healthy adult with ​self awareness, social awareness, self management,
relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills. As with most parents, we sometimes feel “lost at sea” in this
parenting adventure.

Utilizing my background as a licensed school counselor, parent educator, staff developer, teacher, elementary principal and
instructor for a school counseling graduate program during the past 23 years, I discovered a passion for helping parents
and educators secure a healthy foundation for children. Research and experience demonstrates that having the ability to
regulate one’s emotions as a child leads to many pro-social outcomes.

As the Founder of ​Conscious Family Solutions,​ I encourage you to explore how implementing Social Emotional
Learning in your home or organization will set children and families on a trajectory of emotional health and joy!

#SEL 2.0

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