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How to exhibit

Already recognised as the leading Personal Development and Self Help fair, The Best You Expo gives exhibitors a genuinely unique opportunity to reach thousands of people. Not only in the room, but also through partnership platforms which enable broadcasting of talks to a wide multimedia network. If you want to raise you profile and say: “I am here to be taken seriously”, The Best You Expo is the place to be noticed. It’s the place where all the leaders in the Personal Development world meet and mingle.

The Best You Expo
What we say to you is:
Take your opportunity. Seize the day – or more accurately.

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Reasons to exhibit

Something Special is happening at The Best You EXPO

Your stall at the EXPO will give you unique opportunities to meet engaged and interested clients from all over the world, network with like-minded businesses and get your message and product across in a fun, exciting environment.

I would like to congratulate you and your team for investing your time, effort and talent into making this event such a great success. Our aim in attending was to have the opportunity to meet with with people who are looking for better ways of doing things. People that want to become better at what they are doing and are determined to do something about it. The Best You Expo exceeded our expectations!  Looking forward to the next one:)James Knight – iMA Creator & Master Practitioner

What You Get

Last year saw exhibitors earning an average return of 4 times their investment in this unparalleled weekend of Self Help opportunities.
The Best You EXPO 2018 will see more stalls, more attendees, more business and more success.
Conceived as a Festival of Personal Development, exhibitors from all areas of Self Help will converge on the Excel Centre to create new business opportunities. We want you to be there.
The variety of exhibitors for 2018 will be even more astounding. There will be more stages, more speakers, more draw for the public.
The feedback from last year has been extraordinary. All exhibitors from the previous year have already rebooked for 2018, and we’ve had to massively expand the number of workshops to meet demand.
But don’t just listen to us – here are the 2016 Exhibitors and Speakers to tell you for themselves

Why You Should Book Now

If you are involved in Personal Development, you need to be there.
Absolutely everyone in the Personal Development world is welcome to exhibit at The Best You Exhibition. Not only trainers, publishers, mentors, healers, homeopathic therapists, coaches, speakers bureaus, web developers and media advisors – but anyone and everyone who has a skill connected to the Personal Development industry.
Expect a quick return on your investment. The EXPO will be filled with clients looking for Life Changing investment. How many people signing up for your training program or product will it take to recoup your exhibitor fee? 1? 3? 5?
Join us.
With more exhibitors, more workshops and thousands more people at this year’s Best You EXPO, can you afford not to?

From the outset, Bernardo and the team were utterly professional and pleasant to deal with and made every effort to make the EXPO experience a success for me. I made a 5 fold return on my investment on the first day, connected with hundreds of ideal clients and immediately rebooked for next year’s EXPO!Fiona Harrold, best selling author Be Your Own Life Coach

Exhibitor Tips – Getting the best from The Best You EXPO

You are planting seeds. When you’ve made your sale, remember, that’s not the end of it. Be ready to follow up. That seed you plant could grow massive when you’re not looking.
Follow-up requires leads. Be ready to gather names and contact details – but remember how about adding something special to that process? Reciprocity often works. Give them something there and send them a download. A pdf book, a useful app – whatever it is. That way, you’re not just asking for something, you’re building value.
Networking is key. Remember, fellow exhibitors give you opportunities to do great things together. Great businesses start from meetings at EXPOs like this.
Energy up! Do we need to say it? Keeping your energy up will keep your contacts’ energy and interest up. Take a break if you need to – and come back ten times more energised.
Be visual, be amazing. Got your banner right? What else do you need to make your stand really stand out? Are you doing activities? Yoga? Massage? Or got fantastic bold pictures that are challenging and really catch the eye. Create!
Flow is fab. Make it easy for clients to come on board. Don’t overcrowd your stand – make it welcoming, so clients want to step in and can leave easily, too. One tiny exit and entrance will make things cramped, so make it as open and inviting as possible!
Opportunities abound. The Best You EXPO is the starting point of countless journeys between you and clients, you and other exhibitors and you and the Best You. Make sure you recognise them. They’re all around!