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If you’re like most experts and authorities out there in your respective industry, you know how difficult and challenging it can be to grow and scale a thriving and dependable business. The solution: The Best You EXPO.

Applying to Exhibit at The Best You is easy!

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The Best You EXPO
is the leading personal and professional
development event

A global event with:



attendees in London



at our last event in Long Beach, California.

In total we have had over





speakers and exhibitors combined.

It’s not your fault…

Effective marketing is complex & it has far less to do with clicks, algorithms & way more to do with making real connections, specifically face to face connections.

We know online marketing works, but it requires an endless amount of resources, time & that still doesn’t guarantee you’re going to see a ROI, or break even on your ad spend.

We also know there is nothing like face to face contact. Specially now!

The Great Marketing Hoax…

Investing in online ads is a difficult proposition to win at unless you have a lot of know how and a healthy budget.

Social media platforms and other paid ad services are not going to pick up the phone and tell you what you should do next, because that would affect their bottom line!

And it’s just plain wrong that you should have to invest countless hours and financial resources into marketing efforts that simply aren’t helping you grow your business, despite all your best efforts.

Exhibitions Pay…

Exhibiting at The Best You Expo puts you front and center, engage in a live chat with customers who are there to engage and buy!

6 Reasons Why You Should Exhibit Your Business at The Best You Expo

#1 Large Numbers
We draw large numbers of enthusiastic people interested in all aspects of personal & business development.
#2 Target Audience
We offer you an unparalleled opportunity to showcase & sell your products & services to a highly targeted audience.
#3 Sales!
Judymay Murphy - Master Coach and Practical Neuroplasticity Expert
Generate new sales, engage new clients & make important connections long after the event has come to a close.
#4 Cost Effective
The Best You Expo is extremely cost effective and highly profitable.
#5 We’re Global
The Best You Expo is a global brand that sees tens of thousands of attendees each and every year.
#6 Brand Association
You will be joining forces with one of the largest personal developments on the planet.

Act NOW!

The sooner you book, the more you save.
The sooner you book, the more choices you have.


I am sure you are aware the Personal and professional development is a massively growing industry with an average spend of $3Billion dollars globally. Last year for our EXPO in London we received over 2500 applications, so please fill in this application only if you are genuinely interested and committed to take action.

Step 1

Complete Application

Step 2

Once you have completed the application you will be required to confirm an appointment with one of our Best You advisors.

Step 3

If you want to proceed we will allocate you the best available speaking slot or booth. Book as soon as possible to ensure the best spots.

Act NOW!


The Best You Expo has over 300 exciting exhibitors, that come from all over the world and from many professions, including coaching, motivational speaking, publishing, technology, travel, finance, beauty, business, charity, film, media, advertising, food, wellness and holistic therapies.


For the brand positioning, marketing, advertising, sales and networking opportunities - never underestimate the power of a little fun mixed with some very inspiring people!

Get Instant leads: There is event a live chat at your booth so that attendees can talk to you virtually! You receive all of the attendee contact info when they visit your booth.

To establish their business or brand as a committed leader in wellbeing, wellness, self-development and the hollistic market!

To showcase new programmes, launch new products and sell services. To cultivate a better understanding of self-improvement and the role that it can have in shaping your life, your work and our world!

Some of the previous main stage speakers

Marisa Peer, Dr. Greg Reid, Brian Rose, Mastin Kipp, Jim Kwik, Paul McKenna, Sir Clive Woodward, Nia Peeples, Barbara de Angelis, Jason Vale, Judymay Murphy, Kyle Cease, Bill Walsh, John Lee, Bernardo Moya and so many more.

Previous exhibitors have included Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Labs, Lululemon, Doterra, NuCalm, Top Talent, and many more great brands.

Previous media partners have included: Psychologies Magazine, UK Health Radio, Welltodo, WBNTV, Balance Magazine, Global Woman, and many more.