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8 Reasons WHY YOU Need
To Speak At The Best You Expo


It Pays
To Speak

Speaking at The Best You Expo offers you an unparalleled opportunity to acquire new clients and showcase and sell your products and services to a captive audience.

"We made a special offer, people came by the stand, the stand's been amazing, we've had hundreds of people each day. And we've been selling books and showcasing books, and talking to people about writing their books, which is really why we are here."

Mindy Gibbins - Klein



There is no better way to get yourself and your brand noticed than speaking live! You’ll be remembered and people will follow you.

"Well, divorce coaching is relatively new in the UK so it's really exciting opportunities for me to be at The Best You this weekend, because it means people know I'm here and it puts my business on the map. So people know divorce coaching is available. So I've been busy non stop with people coming up for 15 minute coaching sessions. It's been really good to see that people are really wanting the service and coming and asking me questions, it's been really phenomenal actually."

Sara Davison - Divorce Coach


Yourself As
The Expert

Speaking at The Best You Expo means a great opportunity for you to educate and share what you know. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field comes in very handy in the business world.

"Oh fantastic! What a beautiful beautiful audience and they really got the stuff. They're running with it, loads of people coming up asking questions afterwards, so yeah super awesome. Because I normally speak with a bigger events all around the world so this is my first time at the expo and it has a really special quality. People here are smart, searching, genuine like just they you know they really want to make their lives amazing, so I'm loving it here."

Judymay Murphy - Master Coach and Practical Neuroplasticity Expert


Be Part Of
A Powerful

Giving you a unique opportunity to connect with other speakers & exhibitors, many of them top industry experts & thought leaders who are all there to make important connections and establish new relationships with other people like you!

"It's a fantastic opportunity to get in front of people in a place where they actually are open to listening to you because we all know that we live in a fast paced, crazy world and people feel they just don't have the time they use to. In fact, we don't. And so, a place like The Best You Expo really gives you that opportunity to really connect with people. They've made that time to be here and so they want to come away with something so I think it's fantastic."

Brian Muldoon - Internet Marketer



Every time you speak you improve your communication skills and most importantly, you increase your confidence. People will want to hear what you have to say and that will have a positive and lasting effect that will keep you motivated and inspired to speak more.

"It was amazing, the reaction that I got from people and can I be honest, I thought you had to look a certain way to be able to resonate to what some of the things I was saying but I realized this is life, this is reality of what we're doing so it really helped me understand who I was and it helped me become my best me."

Dr. Sonja Stribling - Life coach, empowerment speaker and business expert



You will be joining forces with one of the largest personal development platforms on the planet.

"Make an investment for your business to get the exposure, we've been here last year and it just keeps getting bigger every year. You're only gonna have success by getting out of your office, go out and meet the people, that's when success comes."

Aaron Young


Your talk will
remain available
to be seen on
The Best You TV

"Our aim is for tens of thousands of people to watch your talk and learn your expertise all around the world not only in LA. So your talk will be edited and added to The Best You TV like so many others before you. "

Bernardo Moya - Author and Founder of The Best You


All seminar rooms will be streamed and translated through AI

The Best You EXPO will offer AI simultaaneous caption translations in: Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, and Arabic, ensuring that our messages of inspiration and transformation can resonate with people from around the world.

Early Bird Offer Ends in:

The Best You EXPO
is the leading personal and professional
development event

A global event with:



attendees in London



at our last event in Long Beach, California.

In total we have had over





speakers and exhibitors combined.

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Applying to Speak at The Best You is easy!

I am sure you are aware the Personal and professional development is a massively growing industry with an average spend of $3Billion dollars globally.

In our last The Best You EXPO in London we received over 2500 applications, so please fill in this application only if you are genuinely interested and committed to take action.

Some of the previous main stage speakers

Marisa Peer, Dr. Greg Reid, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Brian Rose, Mastin Kipp, Jim Kwik, Paul McKenna, Mirela Sula, Sir Clive Woodward, Nia Peeples, Barbara de Angelis, Jason Vale, Judymay Murphy, Kyle Cease, Bill Walsh, John Lee, Bernardo Moya and so many more.

Previous exhibitors have included Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Labs, Lululemon, Doterra, NuCalm, Secret Knock, Dr.Sonja, Tree Sisters, and many more great brands.

Previous media partners have included: Psychologies Magazine, UK Health Radio, Welltodo, WBNTV, Balance Magazine, Global Woman, and many more.